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Dec 4, 2013 4:00am PST
towards the benefits of the new law and away from the rocky rollout of the site. republicans continue a campaign against the affordable care act. house speaker boehner calling it a government-centered health care delivery system that is fundamentally flawed. the student loan industry will soon be closely watched by the consumer financial protection bureau. the watchdog agency will now have supervisory authority over non-bank companies.the agency already oversees student loans issued by banks but most student loans are serviced by companies.. the agency will ensure that loan servicers are complying with the laws. student loan debt in the u-s tops $1.2 trillion and as many as 7 million borrowers are in default. bp may catch a break from a federal appeals court. a ruling this week requires business owners seeking payouts from the 20-10 oil disaster in the gulf coast to prove that damage was directly caused by the spill. tens of thousands of gulf coast businesses filed claims. the oil giant has been suspicious of some claims and this week's ruling could save b-p hundreds of millions of
Dec 3, 2013 4:00am PST
law that forces amazon to collect sales tax from shoppers in the big apple. around the globe-- authorities are cracking down on counterfeit goods sold online. on the heels of cyber monday, 690 websites in the u.s. and overseas have been shutdown or redirected. authorities say scammers are taking advantage of the boom in online holiday shopping by selling fake merchandise. most sites that were shutdown sold items including headphones, sports jerseys, grooming products, shoes and electronics. the healthcare dot gov website has met the obama administration's self-imposed deadline for improvements -- that's latest word from the white house. kathleen sebellius, the secretary of health and human services, cautions users will still encounter problems during the next several months as repairs continue. by the numbers...the white house says the troubled site is now working 90% of the time --compared to 43% in october. 375-thousand people visited the site by noon monday. the president says the site it prepared to sign up 800,000 people per day. it can handle at 50,000 users at one time
Dec 6, 2013 4:00am PST
're the one who steered the law through congress. and boy does this sound familiar - 7 years ago when medicare part d it went into effect those who it was to benefit were confused, far fewer than expected at first signed up, there were a host of roll out gliches - then majority leader john boehner called it "horrendous" but today part d is seen as a resounding success. lessons here for obamacare? > >i don't know if you can really go that far bill. what i can tell you is that 10 years ago, it was very controversial in america as to whether or not seniors should be covered. we were able on a bipartisan basis--i was tasked by george w. bush president---to get a bill passed through congress and we were able to do it. we were very happy with it but we didn't know exactly how it was going to work and i'm here to tell you, ten years later that 90% of the seniors voluntarily, not mandatory, but voluntarily signed up. and over 90% of these individuals say today that it's the best program for seniors out there. so i'm very happy with the turnaround and the support for part d. one thing that yo
Dec 9, 2013 4:00am PST
to one in seven americans, reverts to so-called permanent farm laws, which would raise the milk price to the government---encouraging producers to sell less for the commercial supply. the result would raise prices to consumers. some say to as much as seven-dollars a gallon. but many doubt congress will let that happen. "this looks like the best chance for a farm bill in years." the biggest differences involve cuts to recipients of food stamps over the next ten years. the senate approved 3.9 billion in cuts, the house wants ten times that--39-billion and would disqualify 8% of recipients. "there's clearly two different sides on how that program should work but i'm confident they'll find a bi-partisan solution." the current farm bill, already extended expires december 31st. but house speaker john boehner wants to extend it further, through january. there is agreement on cutting the five billion dollar annual subsidy that critics say pays farmers not to farm. wall street is bracing for a vote this week on a tough new rules to hold trading by banks in check. regulators are expected to app
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4